Starbrand and Nightmask #1 Review

starbrandandNightmask#1 1Two former Avengers with tremendous power – and almost zero life experience – are on their own, trying to find their place as HEROES, COSMIC ENTITIES and…COLLEGE STUDENTS? What meal plan will cover a cosmic metabolism? Can two all-powerful entities share a dorm room the size of roach motel? Can you safely teleport to Mars after partying all night long at your first kegger? Find out in Starbrand & Nightmask!


Our heroes save the Great Wall of China from the Inhuman villain Blizzard who was hell bent on battling Tony Stark. After making short work of him they are approached by Roberto Da Costa/Sunspot who offers them a place with his New Avengers Squad. Nightmask refuses as he has enrolled them both I’m College. At College Starbrand is smitten with the student adviser Imani Greene. Before they can settle in however they are confronted by Graviton and Nitro.


The Good
Humor- The books comes across as a buddy comedy with superhero bits tacked on. The humor was on point though not on the same level as the all time best buddy comic book out there Quantum and Woody. It has potential though. Also I loved how randomly Squirrel girl showed up…with the squirrel on her shoulder. That was funny as hell.
Cover– The dynamic colors of the cover makes this truly something worthy of being a poster on a wall. The strange thing is it’s from the same artists who does the interiors but looks so much better.

Black HeroNightmask was arguably one of my favorite new Avengers during Hickman’s run. Having him back in any capacity makes me very happy indeed. Roberto Da Costa also makes an appearance as the new Tony Stark. This guy sure has grown from when he was introduced by Chris Claremont after being called a N!gger on a soccer field.
Dynamic duo– While I enjoyed the serious nature of Hickman’s Avengers brand Nightmask and Starbrand both work in this far less serious tone and their dynamic reminds me of a less hilarious Quantum and Woody.
The Bad
Art– Not a huge fan of the interior art style. While it is surprisingly fitting for the context of the book, it lacks detail and comes across as rushed. On an opening issue that is a huge problem for me.


The Ugly
Overall this was an enjoyable read with copious potential. Marvel’s take on the buddy superhero genre just got a new Dynamic duo, Starbrand and Nightmask are here 3/5

stars- 3 good


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