New Avengers (2015) #1 Review

newavengers1 1EVERYTHING IS NEW. In the wake of SECRET WARS, the old order changeth – and Bobby DaCosta, Sunspot, is just the man to changeth it. Welcome to AVENGERS IDEA MECHANICS – a super-scientific global rescue squad of tomorrow’s heroes… today! America doesn’t want them! S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t know what to do with them! But Earth might not survive without them! Sunspot, Squirrel Girl, Hawkeye, Wiccan, Hulkling, Songbird, Pod, Power Man & White Tiger might just be Earth’s last hope. New team! New mission! New Avengers! Welcome to Avengers Idea Mechanics.

What I thought

The book opens with the AIM team heading to Paris to stop some new yet strange Zombie citizens. At the same time SHEILD sends Hawkeye and Dum Dum Dugan to check out the AIM base. Elsewhere the Maker watches before sending in his newest recruits. newavengers1 2

This opening issue feels like a classic X-men book circa 1995-1996 the Joe Maduiera and Scott Lobell years. I it felt like I stepped back in time. Perhaps for that reason I may not be the most objective reviewers ever. The team faces “the Maker” who reminds me of the more deranged Dark Beast at the end of Age of Apocalypse. This issue also spoils the fact that Evil Reed survives Secret Wars. The team had a really smooth flowing chemistry. Old lovers vs New, Ex’s etc

newavengers1 3Al Ewing continues to show Black Heroes love by using Ava Ayala, Power Man and….Max Brashear oh yes, my body is so way past ready! The concept of the AIM team is cool as hell! Hickman took Roberto Da Costa from being the other mutant billionaire and turned him into A-class gold. His cocky attitude and disposition fit well with being the head of his own “company” the AIM (Avengers Idea Mechanics). His having an island as their base outside of US waters also harkens back to his time surviving under Cyclops on the Mutant Island Utopia. These little touches just make my little fanboy heart jump. Squirrel girl is hilarious as all hell. His ships are also equipped with Wakandan engines? There is so much fanboy coolness oozing out this book my nose is bleeding. I also dig the high tech toys the team has access to and will have access to.

As cool as I found the book it lacked any form of emotional resonance. It introduced me to the characters effectively but no one character was my eyes and ears in the tale. I felt like I was watching this cool movie where I knew all the actors but they lacked a soul.

Overall this issue had awesome art, a cool cast, villain and concept though it all rang hollow. Despite these flaws this was a really enjoyable opening salvo from Al Ewing. We give this issue 3/5 stars!

stars- 3 good


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