Infinity Gauntlet (2015) #4 Review


Theinfinitygauntlet#4 1It’s all-out war for the Infinity Stones with the Bakian family at the center of it.

The fate of Battleworld hangs in the balance, but so does the fate of one family that has been torn apart.


The issue opens with the Bakian Family trying to get the soul gem from Adam Warlock in Magus City guarded by the Knights of Xandar. When Eve demands the Soul gem the two teams start a battle. Eve manages to hold her own after activating her four Infinity gems and activates her Infinity Armor. Warlock’s experience however proves too much for her and on the verge of defeat she is saved by Thanos. The villain quickly dispatches Eve as well and takes all the gems for himself before killing Drax the destroyer. He also unleashes the slumbering Behemoth bug. This leaves the Bakian family especially Menzin.

What I thought

This series has been a real treat since it started. The Art in particular has been on point, stylized and totally epic. Thanos betraying everyone was expected but the way it was executed still left a tingle running up and down my spine. Having an Evil Adam Warlock show up alongside Drax and Thanos also left me feeling highly nostalgic for the original infinity saga. The Bakian Family however are clearly the break out stars as they have gotten the black geek/blerd  community super charged. Each of them has a unique personality to match their power rangers-esque color schemes. I charged as hell to see what happens to the family after Secret Wars.

Overall another highly charged and electric issue from Dustin Weaver and company! 4/5 stars

stars- 4 very good



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