Earth 2: Society #4 Review

Earth 2 society #4 1

What I thought

Love the cover which shows Val-Zod crafting his City of Tomorrow. Like many others my interest in Earth 2 piqued when he showed up and Society has been missing him in a major way. This issue details what happened to Val-Zod and Power Girl after they came to this new planet. After building their new city, anew Anarchy supervillain jeopardizes it all. We also learn how Kryptonian powers work on this planet which has two suns orbiting each other.

Their powers ebb and flow depending on which sun is closer to the planet. Their relationship crumbled when Terry Sloan revealed that Val was the one who created the bombs which ultimately killed her “father” Superman. It’s heavy stuff to be sure and the new looming threat serves as the catalyst to unite these heroes. The art is working for me even though it’s not as detailed as what we got in the first Earth-2 series. Of the heroes gathered Earth-2 Flash comes across as the most flat. Dick Grayson/Batman is a worthy successor to Thomas Wayne and the art captures the essence of the mantle.
Overall this issue was quite enjoyable and we give it 3/5 stars

stars- 3 good


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