Outlaw (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

 Created by: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Dougie Brathewaite

 1st appearance: Punisher #64 (June 1992)

Real Name: Nigel Higgins

 Nationality: Unknown

 Team Affiliations: Unknown

  Height: 5 ft 7 in              Weight: 160 lbs

 Eye color:  Black            Hair color: Black

 Skills and abilities: Nigel is a skilled armed and unarmed combatant.

 Powers: None

Equipment: He often employs a variety of firearms in addition to a motorcycle and Kevlar body armor.

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Nigel was seemingly a London born superfan of the American vigilante Punsher. When all his family was killed in an unspecified event he became a vigilante like his idol Frank Castle/The Punisher [Punisher #64]. When the Punisher arrived in London and was set upon by Interpol Nigel chose this time to aid his idol. Rescuing Castle from Interpol Nigel took him to his safe house where the two bonded; though Punisher tried to keep his exuberant fan out of the loop. This was unsuccessful however as Nigel’s knowledge of business proved invaluable in figuring out Kingpin’s plan to use the English Chunnel as a medium for his expanded criminal network in Europe. His exuberance lead to him being injured while out with the Punisher [Punisher #64].

Out of frontline duty he aided Castle by doing research [Punisher #66, 67, 68]. A recovered Nigel later participated in Punisher’s plan to take down the Kingpin’s European crime expansion [Punisher #69].  During the conflict he defeated one of the criminal lords himself before evading police capture using a glider. Alongside Morgan Sinclair he decided to retire from the life of a Vigilante [Punisher #70].

When Punisher was seemingly killed, he travelled to the US to determine if it was true [Punisher #86]. When he arrived in the US he was given a new arsenal through his connection with Sinclair [Punisher Warzone #24].

While setting himself up as the New Punisher he learned that Castle was still alive [Punisher War Journal #63]. Tracking Castle down he was defeated by a gang called the Righteous [Punisher #88].

Returning to England after Punisher had been rescued he tried to stop “The Architect” from putting the Kingpin’s Chunnel plan in place. During this ordeal he faked his death before re-emerging and putting an end to “The Architect’s” plans [Punisher Annual #7].

He is set to reappear during the Battleworld series in late 2015.


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  • September 8, 2015 at 3:46 am

    I recall the character .I hope the battle world re appearance does justice to the character But I do trust marvel to get anything right


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