Earth 2: Society #3 Review

earth2society#3The utopic society of Earth-2 begins to show cracks as the new world reacts to the assassination plot that’s left a huge power vacuum on the planet. Which hero can step up to fill the void?

What I thought

I really like the cover with its dynamic and bright colors which serves to contrast Red Tornado/Louis Lane against the pro-human mob and dark alleyway. The alternate cover which features Power Girl vs. Val-Zod is equally cool. The art has progressively gotten better and this issue Jorge Jimenez pulls out all the stops. The flashbacks were the focal point of this issue and remarkably they painted Louis Lane/Red Tornado as the most human and relatable of all the heroes thus far. We also see Val-Zod and Power girl…though the two are no longer on the verge of recreating the Kryptonian race, instead they are at odds. I must also give a shout out to the beard of Val-Zod! Did not see it coming but it adds some scruff to the otherwise squeaky clean character. The assassination of Terry Sloan was unexpected…if he really is dead. Who are the mysterious new villains? This issue also gave us a much clearer picture of this new Earth, what the culture and relationship of the heroes are to the people etc.

Overall I was entertained and thankfully emotionally resonating with Red Tornado/Lois Lane. As a result the action, mystery and resolution simply enhanced things. I give this issue 3.5/5 Stars

stars- 3.5


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  • August 16, 2015 at 12:28 am

    I hope the next issue shines the light on Val and Kara and explain what’s going on between them.

    Because I am currently growing my facial hair I also dig Val’s scruffier look.


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