Rock (Character)

Publisher: Image Comicsrock5

Created by:  Erik Larsen

Real Name: Joe Manning

First Appearance: Savage Dragon #13

Citizenship: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’11                           Eye Color: Red formerly brown

Weight: 640 lbs                      Hair Color: None formerly black

Relatives: Marika Washington (Ex-wife), Gina Manning (Daughter)

Powers: Rock has vast superhuman strength. He is capable of lifting about 43 tons. His thick rock-like skin acts as protective armour against physical and energy attacks. Rocks eyes allow him to see in almost total darkness.


Joe Manning married Marika Washington, the girlfriend of his best friend of his best friend Tyrone Jefferson, after he died in a car accident. Their relationship was rocky from the start and they had financial difficulties that were only compounded with the arrival of a daughter who they named Gina [Savage Dragon #48].

Rock worked as a part time janitor for Rikko Chemicals and went through a disturbing physical transformation after being exposed to hazardous materials [Savage Dragon #48].

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Soon after being released from the hospital and unable to deal with their medical expenses and repulsed by his appearance. Marika Left her husband, later filing for divorce. After his condition had stabilized and he was released from the hospital, Rikko Chemicals didn’t give insurance to part time employees and he had been forced to sing a release to get the job. The company was not liable for any job related injuries. Joe also found himself out of a job. Joe was destitute and now homeless [Savage Dragon #48]. He withdrew from society to live in the Chicago underground. Joe became the leader of the freaks residing in the many tunnels and even helped out the police on a few occasions [Savage Dragon #14-16]. He took the name Rock soon after arriving in Chicago.

He encountered Officer Dragon of the Chicago Police and the costumed adventurer Star when they came across their underground lair while searching for the escaped criminal Octopus. Soon afterwards Rock and some of his fellow freaks Shrew, Beast Boy and Widow attempted to stop the Dragon’s rampage when he was under the mental control of the villainous Horde and was destroying the city of Chicago. They were unsuccessful. Dragon later regained control of his mind [Savage Dragon #48].

Rock and the others were asked to join the S.O.S by Dragon. He eventually took over the role of leader when Dragon was left behind on the ill-fated Darkworld and thought dead. Due to Exhibiting superior traits of leadership and for being better qualified for the position overall, he remained in command even when Dragon returned to Earth [Savage Dragon Companion #1].


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