Razinji (Character)


Publisher: First World Komix

Created by: Yumy Odom

First Appearance: 1986

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: Ethiopia, North East Africa

Group Affiliation: Member of Kam Chi

Eye Color: Brown                  Hair Color: Black

Weight: 200 lbs                      Height: 6’

Relatives: Queen Medusa, King Poseidon (Ancestors)

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: Razinji has 450 micro-prehensile psionically-controlled locs that have the tensile strength of steel and are powerful enough to lift 1000 lbs. He has psychokinetic (Ouric) tendrils that serves as a root anchor. Razinji is also exceptionally fit and strong as a result of his heritage. He is able to lift/press approximately 600 lbs with considerable ease.


Razanj is matrilineally descended from the mythic / legendary Queen Medusa (c. 1000 BC), Libyan amazon, high-priestess of Auset (later of Athena in Libya, Spain and Italy), consort of King Poseidon, sovereign god of the African Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. As part and parcel of his lineage he is long-lived and has inherited a specific psionic / psychokinetic ability that enables him to manipulate and control his locs as prehensile limbs.

Legend: The legend has it it that before her assassination (decapitation) by Prince Perseus of Argos, son of princess Danae and grandson of King Acrisius. Queen Medusa served as a seemingly nigh-immortal, long-lived high-priestess of Austet in Libya with authority and reverence that extended to Spain and Ital. After her assassination, her descendants wandered the MMediterraneanand ended their travels in the Nile Valley, ultimately being lead to the stargate therein. They served as protectors and guardians of said stargate over the last 2 millenia (Courtesy of FWK Archives, 2011).


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