Earth 2- Society #1 Review


The survivors of Earth-2’s war with Apokolips find themselves on a new world, but can Green Lantern, Power Girl, a new Batman and the other heroes of Earth-2 create a new world that’s better than the last, or will their interference and good intentions doom this world, just like the old one?


The Good

Art-Jorge Jimenez is on art and it’s quite fitting for this darker new world that our heroes have found themselves on.

CoverVal Zod takes center stage on this cover and about 50% of the overall cover. Mirrored on both sides is the new Wonder Woman and the gorgeous Hawkgirl. Below Val is Kara-Zor El and in the forefront we have the new Batman/Dick Grayson and Flash/Jay Garrick. It’s stylized and slick, yet dark at the same time, quite fitting for this new planet and the unknown before them.

Accessibility– This book serves as a good jumping on point for new readers with enough of a recap about what happened to their original planet by Apokalips etc. If you’ve missed the awesomeness of Earth 2 here is your best chance to jump on and get into the most diverse and balanced series from DC comics right now.

Deja vu– I couldn’t help but notice parallels between the Earth-2 citizens finding this new planet and crash landing and the Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X. The same exact thing happens at the beginning of their adventure. Is Daniel H. Wilson a fan perhaps or is this sheer coincidence? Hmmm…

Story– After Convergence the half a million survivors of Earth-2 descend on their new planet. In the present Batman/Dick Grayson tracks Terry Sloan in neo Gotham. He gets sidetracked saving a kid’s dog from being stolen. He takes out the others tracking Sloan but is unable to capture his foe who escapes via flight.

Earth 2– Easily the best thing from the New 52 debacle. This series has been consistent from start to the present.

Mystery– How is Dick Grayson/Batman now running around when he was crippled in Convergence? Where is his son? If every ship became a new city does that mean that the heroes divided themselves to protect them? What happened to Alan Scott/Green Lantern? Who are the new villains set to make trouble for our heroes? Who could have Terry Sloan running scared?

The Bad

Tale– Truthfully this could have been a 0 issue since it was just full of filler info to simply join three Earth-2 related tales to this one. Not a whole lot happened and we don’t see fan favorites Val-Zod  and Hawkgirl either.


The Ugly

Overall this was a strong opening tale which introduces us to the New Batman while backtracking enough to tie in the ending of Convergence and what happened to the original Earth-2 series which lead to Earth-2 World’s end. Earth-2 Society #2 gets 3.5 5 stars!

stars- 3.5


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