Thor (Character)

Sam Thor1
Sam Wilson-Thor of Battleworld


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson and Jorge Molina

1st appearance: A-Force #12015

Aliases: Samuel Thomas Wilson

Team Affiliations: The Thors

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’2              Weight: 240 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Black

Relatives: Falcon/Samuel Wilson (Alternate reality counterpart) 

Skills and Abilities:  Unknown

Powers: Sam has four feathered wings which grant him flight. It is presumed he can telepathically command and control birds.

Equipment: As one of the Thors of Battleworld he wields a hammer of Thor which grants him power over the weather and other abilities similar to the God of Thunder.


At an unknown time in the past he was chosen as a potential candidate to join the ranks of the Thors to protect Battleworld and enforce the will and laws of god Doom. He was successful in lifting the hammer of Thor and joined the Thor ranks. When America Chavez breaks a law of Doom he is the first Thor on site and reprimands the young girl. His actions led to her being taken to the Shield [A-force #1].


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