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From the Advent Universe;
In the beginning, there was harmony across the universe until the unthinkable happened and caused the first Great War as the forces of Heaven rose up against each other. As penalty for their treacherous actions, those who sought to oppose the natural order were banished from paradise never to return. The Fallen, as they were called, eventually made their way to Earth and their vile nature managed to corrupt mankind. Among them came Sinn and seven of the
deadliest beings known to mankind. They have been called many names such as “The Seven Deadly Sins of Man” but most know them simply as…THE HIT SQUAD!!

The banished forces from the Great War in the heavens has set up shop on Earth as assassins. Reknowned for their abilities, they are referred to as the “Seven Deadly Sins of Man”; a well deserved reputation. The Squad has set their sights on another deadly assassin named Rico “Shooter” Brande, in hopes of recruiting him into their fold. Shooter tentatively accepts the offer. Things go sideways on the very first assignment which reveals their true nature to Shooter, who in turns tries to stop them. Beaten and left for dead, Shooter pulls himself together and vows revenge.

What I thought
When I first started reading the introduction to the book, the mention of the war in heaven and then the name of the squad; “the seven deadly sins of man”; through me off. I was not sure if I was about to read a superhero comic or not. Religious themes aside, the book turned out to be far better than the introduction. Tony Kittrell tells the story of a hitman out for revenge against a squad of malevolent entities disguised as assassins whose ultimate agenda is the destruction of man. They attempt to add to their ranks, but have underestimated the consciences of the new recruit, who is not as ruthless and bloodthirsty as to indiscriminately kill, especially the wife and child of the intended target. Devmalya Pramanik’s artwork is on point and the the coloring and use of shadows set the tone for this dark tale of duplicity. Although the story is top notch, it is the action that really hits home. The action is fast and frantic, much like you would expect a battle between top assassins should be, and continues throughout the whole story.
If you are a fan of some of the old teams from publishers such as Chaos or Image, then this book is definitely what you have been waiting for. A solid story that is the precursor to even more solid action! I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars.


Marcus Roberts

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