Nowhere Man Vol.1 Book 1 Review

Nowhere Man Book 1 collecting Issues 0-3 Review

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Jack Maguire is an ambitious detective who is not only living in the shadow of his deceased hero cop father, but also is carrying a secret around that is affecting every aspect of his life. To say ambitious is an understatement; Jack Maguire wants to be chief of police, and will do anything to get it. He and his partner, Rose Yancey, who he is also sleeping with, are on the trail of a suspect with information that will help him get that much closer to his goal. Jack Maguire has something inside of him that is fighting to get out. It gets harder and harder, but Jack is determined to control it.
. Introducing Nowhere Man, the ground-breaking graphic novel series written and illustrated by Jerome Walford. Nowhere Man is a psychological thriller that follows Jack Maguire, an ambitious NYPD police detective who is haunted by his father’s death and trying to prove himself .break in a tough case. His actions place his own life at risk, but Jack has a few tricks on hand.

The Good
Story- Jack Maguire is a complex person with a complicated life. His ambition withstanding, being the son of a legend on the force brings high expectations, and sometimes Jack doesn’t live up to them. His story is very fascinating. You are pulled immediately into Jack’s world, and as he makes his way through it, you find yourself intrigued by his process. I couldn’t help but reminisce on the old TV show New York Undercover, but the story is more than that, it is also a bonifide sci-fi story with a decidedly attention grabbing twist, and as you read further into the life on Jack Maguirehis secrets slowly start to unravel and  reveal themself, and once that happens, the story bends into something altogether different and much more interesting. Jack’s relationship with his Captain seems typical at first, but as the story goes along, is shown to be not as it seems; his relationship with his partner, who also is his Captain’s niece, seems to feed Jack’s ambition, and soothe his tortured soul, and then there is the entity that Jack fights to keep inside of him. All this plus, who is the mysterious Caris, and what is her connection to Jack and the entity which possesses him? These pieces all come together to fit nicely into a very intricately woven story. All Jack needs is a phat theme song and a dope soundtrack and his story will be ready for the big screen.

Cover- We have our star on deck silhouetted in black. The look of the cover gives one the feeling that Jack is in a void, or put another way, in the middle of nowhere.

Art- I was very impressed with how much detail the art had. The book was visually stunning and everything from the reflections in the mirrors to facial expressions is all top notch.

Jack’s Secret- Often in stories when it comes to secrets we are stuck with one of three outcomes; the secret is buried deep in the story arc and by the time you get to it, it is irrelevant, or the “secret” is so thinly veiled and shallow that it is only a secret to those not reading the book, or the secret reveals itself to soon, which causes characters to loose importance. In Jack’s case, even though we are given glimpses of what is going on with Jack, enough of it is withheld causing you to want to dig deeper.

The Bad
No complaints here!

The Ugly
Nowhere Man is just the type of story that will help get you off the steady diet of mainstream books. . 5/5

stars- 5 excellent

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