Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #6 and #7 Review


Milesmoralesultspdrmn#6Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-man #6

Miles’ life has been turned upside down in every conceivable level!

New villains are coming out of the woodwork.

Miles makes a life-changing decision!


Jameson shocked at what he’s done calls the police but the Goblin returns to life and seemingly kills him. At Mary Jane’s Peter explains what he remembers of his life, death and resurrection. Aunt May and Gwen show up and they have a tear filled reunion. The Goblin arrives on the front lawn and Miles decides to end the threat himself. Miles using just his venom blast kicks the crap out of the Goblin but at the end Osborn reveals that he knows a dark secret about Miles father.



Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-man #7


MILES MORALES has a girlfriend. Her name is KATIE BISHOP.

Katie has a secret.

It’s bad news for SPIDER-MAN


On the lawns the battle continues this time Miles gets aid from Peter Parker. Just as suddenly as thing began Osborn drops dead. Unsure if he will return Maria Hill shoots the body in the head and burns it. Peter gives his blessings and web shooter to Miles to continue as the only Spider-man while Peter and Mary Jane plan to leave the country. At Kate Bishop’s place she watches the news reports of what has happened, before sleeping she hails Hydra. In the morning Miles Morales father returns and decides it’s time to talk.


What I thought

This arc was emotional as f**k! The return of Peter Parker the return  of Green Goblin and the death of the goblin. All out action breathtaking art and a damn cliffhanger ending. Run out and get it! Brian Michael Bendis is kicking ass and taking names all up and down on the comic scene!

I give these issues 5/5

stars- 5 excellent


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