All New Captain America #4 Review

Allnewcap#4 1

 Hydra initiates the next step in their scheme, millions of innocent souls hang in the balance.

Cap is broken and nearly dead from the gauntlet of the new Hydra, so how can he take down the combined might of Cobra and the Armadillo in time to stop the great leveling?

A mysterious woman from the past returns!

The Good

Art-Stuart Immonen continues to dazzle me with art that is to die for. Well formed yet not overly muscular physiques, shapely and attractive women and 90’s style action enough to make your nostalgic bone tingle.

Cover– This month’s cover is graced by the All New Captain America facing off with both Armadillo and Cobra. It’s in the same style as the interior art making it quite the looker on the stands.

Story– All New Captain America continues to travel across the globe to stop Hydra’s latest evil plan. On his trip he gets aid from Armadillo and Misty Knight before almost succeeding but being taken down by Baron Zemo.

Emotion- As Sam battles Zemo his inner monologue about the loss of Steve Rogers son Nomad at the villains hand and Hydra’s plan to sterilize most of the world as they create their new regime really hits home. The scene plays directly off the opening which was a flashback to Sam talking with Steve about his desire for a family and I could not help but look at my own ten month old daughter and realize the gravity of what the villains were planning. How the loss of the ability to immortalize oneself by fusing your genes with that of another would feel. How would any of us feel being robbed of this basic yet often taken for granted human right? This was beautifully executed and really made this book one of my favorite of the month.

Black HeroSamuel Wilson under the pen of Rick Remender is on a rise. Right now this is my most anticipated book to pick up. Remender has humanized Sam and made his stint as Captain America akin to Dick Grayson’s binge as Batman. There is a clear legacy concept present and the execution has me breathless. I am giving so many f**ks about Samuel when he was one of my least favorite black superheroes. He was always treated as a joke, the least skilled protégé of Steve Rogers while Clint Barton and Bucky got all the praise. Hats off all around to Remender for stellar characterization!

Action– Stuart Immonen delivers a well choreographed, seamless and absolutely riveting ass kicking action that doesn’t detract from the emotional tale but adds a whole new layer. Kudos to Immonen on a job done damn well!


The Bad

Not everyone will be sold on the sudden upgrade of Samuel Wilson’s new outlook on life.

Weight classMisty Knight returns to Sam after taking down Viper in Madripoor. She mentions that she is far outside Viper’s weight class but Viper has always been able to go toe to toe with the likes of Wolverine and Steve Rogers…..Misty should be out of her depth with such an opponent. Toadd insult to injury that is a fight I would have paid good money to watch but it takes place off panel.


The Ugly

All new Captain America is a dazzling work of art, with solid characterization, awesome action and breathtaking visuals! This is easily one of the best books being published right now! We give this issue a 5/5 stars

stars- 5 excellent


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