Mjnari (Character)

MjNari (1)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Real Name: MjNari

Created by: ?

1st appearance: X-men The Animated Series S2 Ep.3, November 6 1993

Team Affiliations: None

Dimension: Earth-92131

Legal Status: Tanzanian citizen with no known criminal record.

Height: 5’5              Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Green                   Hair: Brown

Relatives: Ororo Munroe/Storm (God-Mother), Unnamed father (Status Unknown), Unnamed mother (Status Unknown)

Skills and abilities: Unknown

Powers: MjNari has a mutated X-gene making him a superhuman mutant. He moves and reacts with superhuman speed. He typically runs at superhuman speeds and appears to teleport from one point to another.

Apparently eh also has the power to perceive dimensional tears in the fabric of reality. He could see a tear in the astral plane to earth when the shadow king.


When he was born in the shadow of Killamanjo he was not breathing. His mother thought him dead until a young Ororo Munroe breathed life into him through CPR. Storm was then branded his god-mother years before she became an X-man. As a teen he developed superhuman powers like Storm though his granted him the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

While playing soccer with his friends he was possessed by the Shadow King who had escaped through a crack in reality allowing him to move from the Astral to the physical plain. While using Cerebro Jean Grey realized the anomaly and sent Storm and Rogue to investigate. Upon arriving in the village of her youth Storm found it destroyed with MjNari to blame. Upon realizing he was possessed by Shadow king Storm offered her body as his vessel. Once he vacated MjNari’s body, the boy fought to remove him from Storm with Rogue’s help. Once the fiend was host-less MjNari tricked him back into the dimensional tear before escaping back to the corporeal real, entombing the villain forever when the dimensional tear sealed itself [X-men The Animated Series S2 Ep.3, November 6 1993].

During the Pheonix Saga when Earths elements raged with the activation of the MKraan Crystal he aided his people as they fled to safety [X-men The Animated Series S3 Ep.7].

When Magneto raised Astroid M he watched the telecast at home [X-men The Animated Series S4 Ep.6].


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