Alexis (Character)

Alexis (1)

Created By: Sam Humphries and Andre Lima Araujo

First Appearance: Avengers AI #1, 2013

Real Name: Alexis

Nationality: The Diamond

Team Affiliations: Avengers AI

Legal Status: Unknown

Known relatives: Dimitrios the Tactician, Bangalter the Conqueror, Cothran the Benevolent (Brothers), Eton the Gardner, The Fountain (Sisters)

Weight: 130 lbs          Height: 5’7

Eyes: Purple                Hair: Blonde

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: Alexis possesses superhuman strength (class 25), can hover or fly while carrying more than twice her weight and can project destructive energy from her hands. She can also process information at extraordinarily advanced speeds, she can perceive images from the past and future via quantum waves, called quantum precognition.

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After Henry Pym’s computer virus defeated Ultron, it transmitted itself into Cyberspace and before expiring created six artificial intelligences: Alexis, Dimitrios, Bangalter, Cothran, Eton, and the Fountain. Evolving swiftly, the six colonized a digital server called the Diamond with a civilization of millions of AIs within seconds. Alexis advanced data processing abilities allowed her to receive a message from her future self in 12,000 AD of relaty-14161, warning her that Dimitrios would declare war on humanity and within ten millennia, conquer the universe. She shared this with Eton, but the contemporary Dimitrios encrypted Alex memories as she fled teh Diamond. Amnesiac, she downloaded her consciousness into an android body in the material world. Dimitrios sent SHIELD battle drones to attack her, but Pym’s AI Avengers team rescued her. Inadvertent use of her quantum precognition allowed her to receive messages from her future self, guiding her to deactivate Dimitrios’s encryption and partially regain her memory. She re-entered the Diamond, where Dimitrios, insanely confident  of future victory , allowed Eton to further restore her memories and abilities; her future self warned her Dimitrios had infected abdroid Jessie Clatterbuck with Malware which, when released into SHIELD’s mainframe by Jessie’s deactivation, would allow him to control SHIELD’s full resources. Returning to material existence, Alex told the Avengers, whose consciousness accompanied hers into the diamond to battle Dimitrios. Their efforts, combined with SHIELD agent Monica Chang’s unwitting assistance when she rescued Jessie, diminished Dimitrios, forcing him to flee the Diamond. Alexis, the self- declared protector of all Earth’s life, remained with Pym’s Avengers [Avengers Now 31, 2015].


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