All New Captain America #2 Review

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The new Hydra has formed, comprised of the most ruthless villains of the Marvel Universe as the great infiltration continues!

Cap uncovers the ultimate goal of the new Hydra but is it too late to stop them?

Cap and Nomad’s new partnership is put to the ultimate test as they race to uncover The Sect of the Unknown!

MODOK and Red Skull only appear on the cover.


The Good

Cover– This month features the all new Hydra in the background looking totally ominous and creepy. In the foreground we have All new Captain America and Nomad striking some 90’s power ranger style poses with the logo neatly stacked at the bottom. Its visually pleasing though doesn’t jump out and hit you the way issue #1 did.

Art– Stuart Immonen is making sweet love to the pages in this issue. Every single panel is painstakingly rendered and full of lush details. The colours provided by Marte Gracia are deep and bold, kissed just perfectly by Wade Von Grawbadger’s omnipresent all encompassing pitch black inks.

Action– This issue is all out action from start to finish and thanks to the dazzling art it’s quite the sight to behold.Allnewcaptainamerica#2 3

All New Captain America– So for new readers who have clearly not read the very in depth biography we have here, Rick Remender has stated he has plans to retcon the retcon that was Sam’s history as the criminal snap Wilson. Here he decides to start at the beginning the tragic death of Sam’s father  and its effects on his psyche. I’m curious to see where Remender takes this and just how much of a retcon he’ll provide. It’s not terrible original to bring up heroes tragic past but Remender uses it excellently here to humanize Samuel in a way that has not been done in years. Here is someone I could care about deeply, the same way Miles Morales, Peter Parker and Kyle Rayner tugs at my heart strings. This is a good first step. Remender also provides us with constant insight into Sam’s mind which shows the fear and doubt present there.  This is in contrast to most experienced heroes who all seem so fearless and cool all the damn time. Samuel meanwhile experiences fear in the face of insurmountable odds. The other issue Sam faces is the weight of the Captain America mantle. In the Marvel Universe Steve Rogers/Captain America is more than a man he’s an ideal he inspires, and is awe inspiring. How does anyone live up to that especially when they have spent years in his shadow as a “sidekick” and also the most ridiculed of Steve’s students? Remender manages to give us all this and more in the first few opening pages and that is a monumental task which had me relating to Sam and even looking at him in a way I had never done before.

Skill- Like last issue this one features All New Cap facing off against a foe who’s out of his weight class completely. Samuel vs. Crossbones thankfully plays out in a believable way. Crossbones has given Steve Rogers a run for his money so like Batroc from Last issue I would not expect Sam to be able to go toe to toe with him. It’s an intense and expertly executed match which makes me want so much more.

Black Heroes– All New Captain America is joined by the sultry bionic detective Misty Knight. I’m not mad I’m pretty damn happy! More Misty Knight please!

Story-Samuel and Nomad face off with the Hydra high sect. Outnumbered and overwhelmed Sam takes the prisoner and flees leaving his partner alone. Now alone Nomad is overwhelmed and captured by them. Cap meanwhile is shot by the prisoner who was secretly loyal to Hydra. Injured he faces off with crossbones. On the verge of losing he is rescued by a disguised Misty Knight. She reveals Hydras big plans to Sam. Back at Hydra hq Zemo joined by his Lucas (the prisoner) reveals his plans to Nomad before slashing his throat.

The Bad

Ending- If the story truly ends the way it seems then fans of Nomad should be pretty damn pissed. From what I gathered here is a character that was central to the last Captain America series who has been given allot of time to be developed etc. How thinks pan out for him here is disappointing. Also the chemistry between himself and Samuel was something that Remender could have gotten allot of mileage out of. The scene also lacks any real emotional impact because the reader is not allowed to see just how heroic Nomad was in this finale battle. The scene comes across like it was meant to make Zemo feel like a real tangible threat to new readers and to show that good guys don’t always win. It almost seems like it was shocking for shock sake.


The Ugly

All New Captain America feels radically different from way back when I was a regular Captain America reader back in the 90’s. Despite this however I am impressed by the multilayer-ed writing provided by Stuart Immonen and simply delectable yet fluid art makes this one of my favorite marvel comics right now. We give this issue- 4/5 stars

stars- 4 very good


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