Avengers and X-men: Axis #6 Review

AvengersandXmenAxis#6ACT II: INVERSION

The Axis of Evil have won, who is left to stop them?

Rogue and Nightcrawler vs Mystique!

Thor vs Loki!

Magneto and Quicksilver vs The Scarlet Witch!

This is it, the face of the new world disorder–The Astonishing Avengers are formed!

The Good
Cover-This time the cover has been cut diagonally. The upper part of the cover shows Scarlet Witch with a defeated Dr. Doom in one arm while she unleashes her powers upon her father Magneto and her brother, Quicksilver. The lower half shows the Superior Iron Man with a bevy of beauties behind him with alcoholic beverage in hand. This one is yet another winner for all involved.

Story-Apocalypse and his inverted X-men take Manhattan for themselves as he readies a genetic bomb to cleanse Earth of everything without a mutated X-gene. Mystique tries to reason with them but is almost killed by her children Rogue and Nightcrawler. She is saved by Sabretooth and they escape in the morlock tunnels. Tony Stark is confronted by Daredevil. Stark kicks his ass and send him flying off his building. In Latveria Dr. Doom renounces his dictatorship and makes his country a democracy. The inverted Scarlet Witch soon attacks and quickly defeats her one time lover. He is saved by Quicksilver and Magneto though all three are eventually grabbed by her superior powers. In Vegas inverted Thor takes a whole casino hostage. Loki tries to stop him but gets thrashed for his effort. Under Avengers mansion old man Steve Rogers, Nomad, Loki and Spider-man meet with the only resistance left to the Inverted X-men and Avengers the Inverted Villains!

Dr. Doom- I had pegged Doom as being a suspect when this inversion came about but seeing him inverted and talking democracy in Latveria has loads of possibilities. We have seen a good Doom in the Mutant X comic way back at the start of the millennium but considering how powerful our Doom is (Check out DOOMWAR) this has possibilities.

Romance- When Sabretooth rescues Mystique they have a “moment”, could this be the rekindling of their feelings? Based on the exchanges I think there is high probability!

Art– Terry Dodson is on art and he does a decent job though some places are bare.

The Bad

Villains gone good– I must say I’m not impressed with the combination of villains who have gone good. Carnage was always a murderous Venom. Being good makes him a red Venom…which is just bland. Readers already know how awesome a good Sabertooth is since he was and still is a highlight of the Age of Apocalypse and Exiles comics and story lines. The rest are just…uninteresting. A good Hobgoblin, Jack o Lantern, enchantress and Absorbing man? Wake me when someone interesting turns good.

Boring– Now that the nostalgia of seeing Onslaught has worn off and this is the sales pitch. I can’t help but wonder: what was the point of this crossover besides having Tony Stark become a dick so he could be branded Superior Iron Man? It all feels terribly inconsequential honestly.

The Ugly
Now that the Nostalgia has worn off this is just average run of the mill comic book story lacking in emotion, excitement or any true potential. We give this issue 2.5/5 Stars

stars- 2.5 Average




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