New Suicide Squad #1 Review

New Suicide Squad #1 cover

 The world has changed for Task Force X, a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. Director Amanda Waller no longer has the autonomy she once had. New members disrupt the team dynamic. And the team takes on an international scope. New members Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke and Black Manta join Harley Quinn and Deadshot for a mission in the most dangerous and unpredictable place in the world: Vladimir Putin’s Russia!


The Good

Art- Jeremy Roberts is handling interior art and it’s quite good. There are issues abound like the art is trying to find a comfortable mid ground between Ed Benes and Nicola Scott but overall it looks good.

Story– In Washington Mr. Sage the new man in charge of Task Force X/Suicide Squad meets with the secretary of defense about shuffling the line up of the team. He is given free rein to do so.  The mission is to Moscow where the team will destroy floor twenty-six of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others things. After the mission begins Amanda is joined by Mr. Sage who scoffs at all her concerns. The mission quickly goes south when three Russian super beings arrive on the scene to engage the team.New Suicide Squad #1 2-3

Chess Game– I stopped collecting the last new 52 series more out of indifference than anything else but this opening tale manages to put Amanda Waller against Mr. Sage the cocky and devil-may-care co-leader of task force-x. There exchanges illustrate very different approaches to the task at hand and since he has presidential backing this will be one chess game that is stacked less in Waller’s favor than before.

Tensions– This new line up immediately puts some members at odds with others; Deathstroke vs., Deadshot and Joker’s daughter vs. Harley Quinn. This will no doubt lead to loads of infighting and raising the stake on the missions which is always a good thing.

Cover– Brand new #1 from Dc Comics New 52 line. This cover features Jokers daughter, Deathstroke and Black Manta in the mid ground holding chained and captured Deadshot, Haley Quinn and Amanda Waller. In the background there is a fire and all-consuming explosion. It’s rendered by Roberts and Blonde with nicely proportioned and distinct looking characters complimented by the dynamic colors of Blond. Everything looks good.

Focus– This opening issue also gives a glimpse (hopefully) of things to come as it focused heavily on Amanda Waller. This makes us very happy

Black HeroBlack Manta is in the building though he’s really just background to the more popular personalities of Deathstroke, Harley and Amanda Waller. Amanda meanwhile is her same take no-nonsense self.


The Bad

Art– It’s not as good as the people who inspire it, could be more consistent throughout.


The Ugly

Overall this opening issue of New Suicide Squad shows what made the book good before while giving us a glimpse of what’s going to make it different. New Suicide squad is a decent start to what we expect to be an action packed chess game between Waller and Sage! New Suicide Squad gets a 3.5/5

stars- 3.5


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