Pilot (Character)


Real Name: Unknown

Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Rob Liefeld

1st appearance: New Men #7, 1994

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: New Men

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’2                         Weight: 230 lbs

Eyes: Brown                       Hair: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and Abilities: Trained and highly proficient armed and unarmed combat.

Powers:  Pilot is a nu-gene positive human being granting him the ability to project concussive energy blasts from his hands.  He can also channel his powers in his swords enhancing their cutting ability [Newmen#15].



Pilot first met Proctor when he saved him and his friends while they were out on a mission [Newmen#15]. He met with “The Reach” and Sheppard and was given “the brand” (Tattoos on his face) but eventually left instead of selling out his fellow earthlings [Newforce #1]. He fell out of contact with Proctor soon after and the two drifted apart.

Joining the New Men

He next shows up in a bar overhearing that the New men were in danger [Newmen #7]. He goes to their base of operations and destroys all evidence that the police could use against the New Men before taking off to aid them. Pilot tracks down Proctor his old friend and leader of the Newmen after rousing him from unconsciousness the two set out to aid his team [New Men #7]. Proctor was a cyborg so Pilot downloaded all the info he had and destroyed him before heading out to find the New men. He found the team embroiled in battle with Youngblood [New Men #8]. The Newmen were captured and Pilot faced all of Youngblood to try and rescue them [Team Youngblood #15].

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Pilot was the one who revealed to the Newmen the true nature of the Ne-Gene; that it was a result of an extraterrestrial virus which was created by Earth’s then alien masters to sort out the weak from the strong and transform the strong into something different to be slaves upon their eventual return. The team did not take the news well [Newmen #9]. Pilot was present during the events of Extreme Sacrifice and developed an extremely confrontational relationship with teammate Reign [New Men #10].

After Extreme Sacrifice the team settled in a small cabin where Proctor revealed even more of the history of the Nu-Gene people and chastised the team after they accidentally ran off a nu-gene active boy [Newmen #11]. When he tried to examine the gem used by reign he was attacked as the sentient gem ditched the team. Pilot later retrieves the gem and ends the threat [Newmen #12]. The two reconcile  and find common ground and Kyber betrays the team [New Men #13-14] They tracked down Kyber and Pilot managed to hold off Kyber long enough for reinforcements to arrive [New men #15].

Wielding the power of the gem Kyber overwhelmed our heroes it was only by forcing him to access more power than he could handle was his threat ended [Newmen v#16]. Over the course of their next adventures Proctor reveals he was working for the aliens the whole time and is killed by Sheppard [Newmen #17-20]. The team is then taken into space. Shepard and the keep’s presence caused the young Nu Gene positive Newmen to undergo secondary mutation. Dash left the team and Pilot tries to rally the remaining members to save earth during Extreme destroyer [Extreme destroyer crossover and Newforce #1].

Back on Earth

When they returned to earth Pilot explained what earth was like to Sundance; A nu-gene girl who had spent all her life with the alien race; about racism and the oppression based on skin color. After a fight breaks out and the police arrive he is carted off in handcuffs [Newforce #2]. Pilot later manages to eventually break out of prison with the help of an ally [Newforce #3]. He tracks down and saves his team but they disband [Newforce #4]

New Direction

In the aftermath of facing the Sheppard Pilot became essentially a a paranormal investigator. He reassembles the team and investigates s a rash of exploding bars [Newmen #21-23].


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