Spider-Man Fairy Tales #2 Review

Spider-man Fairy tales #2 CoverThe legend of Kwaku Anansi, the First Spider, melds with the Marvel Universe as Anansi learns a valuable lesson about power and responsibility. On his quest for the legendary Spider-Orchid, Anansi is challenged by four elemental beings who seek to stop him from reaching his goal. Will Anansi be able to overcome the villainous forces of air, water, sand and fire to complete his journey and take his next steps in life? Beautifully painted by Niko Henrichon (Pride of Baghdad.)


The Good

Cover– Like the interior art Niko Henrichon is the illustrator and it looks pretty damn cool! We have our hero Kwaku Anansi perched on top of the Earth elemental while the fire, wind and water elementals swirl around him. The cover also has a bright yellow tint meant to illustrate the blazing sun of Africa. I plan to track this down and put it on my wall, I like it that much!

Art– The interior art comes to us courtesy of Niko Henrichon and it is both fitting and unique. I can’t say I recall ever seeing Niko’s art before but it matches the tone and feel of this re-imagined African myth.

Black Hero– Introducing Kwaku Anansi the trickster/Spider god of West Africa. This hero means allot to me as a West Indian since I grew up to tales of Anansi’s many exploits. While this is not the same Anansi of my youth I am truly appreciative of this re-imagining which puts a different spin on things. Kwaku is a welcomed addition to the pantheons of the Black Superhero legions.

African Myth meets superhero tale– I loved how C. B Cebulski managed to seamlessly re-imagine the West African Trickster god in the vein of the Spider-man myth. This was good work all around.

Message- Friendship of true friendship is the greatest gift/power you will ever find in this world. Cheesy, sure but considering how gritty and bloody modern comics are this is a welcomed departure.


The Bad

One shot– I don’t know how this single issue could be spun into a mini-series but I would pony up the money to see it done. This issue marks the only appearance of Kwaku Anansi of this alternate timeline until the 2014 Spider-verse crossover where we can only hope he sees some prominent role beside Ben Riely/Scarlet Spider, Kain Parker etc.



The Ugly

I enjoyed this issue from start to finish immensely. C.B Cebulski and Niko Henrichon turn in one of my favorite alternate takes on Spider-man ever. Move over Miles Morales there is another Black Spider-man in town! 3/5

stars- 3 good


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