Watson and Holmes headed to TV?!


You did in fact read that correctly. Coming straight from the official facebook page for the acclaimed Watson and Holmes series from New Paradigm studios comes this status update which will surely have every news outlet clamoring in the coming days:


Watson and Holmes

Watson and Holmes is a breakout Indy series which saw life after a successful kickstarter campaign before being released to much critical and commercial success. Watson and Holmes #6 which was written by Brandon Easton and Illustrated by N. Steven Harris went on to be nominated for multiple Glyph awards and even Eisner.

Watson and Holmes #6 picked up the GLYPHS for STORY OF THE YEAR, BEST WRITER, BEST ARTIST (N Steven Harris) and FAN AWARD of 2014. All we can say is congrats to the Watson and Holmes/New Paradigm studios team. Keep up the awesome work!

watson and holmes awards

 BH fans will recall we gave Watson and Holmes #1- 5/5 stars

Honestly this books art, story and characterization seamlessly blend to add some well needed diversity to the comic book medium. While I can’t recommend this book to everyone especially those who need bolts of lightning or flying people to enjoy a comic book. Those looking for something truly different from anything currently offered by DC or Marvel comics, this is the book for you! Watson and Holmes is a very creative and ambitious concept, Bollers, Mendoza and Leonardi thankfully deliver on all fronts BIG TIME!  Read the whole review here!

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