Smith (Character)

Front Cover 2
Publisher: Vantage: Inhouse Productions
Created by: Victor Dandridge
1st Appearance: The Samaritan #1
Nationality: Unknown
Team Affiliation: Unknown
Legal Status: Drifter/Migrant
Height: 6’3                        Weight: 230lbs
Eyes: Brown                       Hair: Black
Relatives: Unknown
Powers: A Superman-level hero, Smith has been seen to fly, wield TREMENDOUS strength, heat vision, freezing breath, super-hearing, invulnerability and a soothing vision, that immediately calms those he wants to comfort.
Biography: Smith is an enigmatic force, that quietly moves into a neighborhood and systematically uses his awesome array of powers to clean up the area.  Seemingly a part of a larger organization, nothing else is known about Smith, who he works for or how he came to be this force for justice.


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