Heimdall (Character)


First Appearance: Thor (Film), April 2011

Created by:  Kenneth Branagh (Director), Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne (Writers)

Nationality: Asgardian

Weight: 640 lbs    Height: 6’6

Eyes: Amber           Hair: Black

Known Relatives: Unknown

Notes: Idris Elba‘s casting as Heimdall was met with racists backlash but marvel studies stood by their decision.

Powers: Like others of the Asgardian race he possesses superhuman physical characteristics such as strength, speed, reflexes , stamina, agility and durability. Unlike his fellow Asgardians though he possesses more strength than everyone except Odin and Thor themselves. Other notable powers not typical to his race include acute senses of sight and hearing that give him the appearance of being near omniscient. He can see everything happening in the know universe down to the smallest detail.

This sight can be deceived using magic however.


At an undisclosed time in the past Heimdall one of the most powerful Asgardians pledged fealty to Odin king of Asgard. He was given the job of guardian of Asgard. In this capacity he uses his extrasensory abilities to keep the realms safe. During the events of Thor (Movie) he aided both Thor and Odin in the fight against the frost giants. In Thor the Dark World (Movie) he again aided his fellow Asgardians this time against the dark elves.

Game/Marvel Alliance

Brother of Sif and steadfast friend of Thor, Heimdall is the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge and the eternal sentry of Asgard. His vision and hearing are so sensitive that they border on omniscience, allowing him to perceive threats from all across the Nine Worlds. Though statue-like in his demeanor, he is anything but idle, and will not hesitate to use his considerable skills as a warrior to protect Asgard.


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