Aquaman #23.1 Review

Aquaman Black Manta #23 (1) 

Set loose as the Secret Society’s plan unfolds, Black Manta is shocked to learn that Aquaman may be dead! Without the object of his hatred, how will Manta claim his final vengeance against the man who killed his father? Where will one of the most lethal villains alive turn his rage when he begins a new mission?


Amanda Waller visits Black Manta in prison to offer him a place on her suicide squad. He declines and gets rescued by King Shark who brings him to the crime syndicate to be recruited into their all evil army which will take over the world now that the Justice League is dead. He reclaims his suit. At the meeting he claims Aquaman’s trident as his upon learning he’s dead. With his father avenged he walks out of the meeting and visits his father’s grave where he laments it’s finally over.

 At that moment Ultraman moves the moon causing a change in seas levels which obliterates Manta’s father’s grave and scatters his body. Seething with a need to redirect his hate he dons his costume once more and sets out to take down the crime syndicate.


The Good

Art–  Claude St. Aubin is on art duty and everything works though it’s not as detailed as say Ivan Reise.  Black Manta in particular looked quite nice. The emotion conveyed by the art must be commended as I felt connected to Manta like never before.

 Cover- Back Manta in the foreground with his blades outstretched in a swirl of dance reminiscent blood while Aquaman floats dead and defeated in the background.

 CharacterizationBlack Manta’s one defining character trait was often his hate of Aquaman. In the new 52 it was a result of Aquaman killing his father. This issue posits that Manta’s main problem may be anger along with sociopathic tendencies amplified by meta-humans. At first the focus was Aquman with him gone he focuses his rage at the Crime Syndicate.

 Accessibility– The recap of Manta’s motivation for being a villain and his hate of Aquaman was recapped quickly to ease new readers into who he is and what motivates him. For that reason I would recommend this to new readers.


 The Bad

If you read Forever Evil #1 your going to see allot of stuff repeated, sure it’s from a different perspective but we have seen it all before.

This book fails to provide any new incite into Black Manta as a character.


The Ugly

This issue was very bland honestly 2.5/5

stars- 2.5


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