Shadowman (2012) #8 Review


  Jack Boniface’s life is about to become a living hell. Master Darque may be trapped in the forbidden realm known as the Deadside, but his disciples on Earth, the Brethren, continue to track Jack’s every move. When Shadowman takes the fight to their doorstep, the Brethren’s counterattack proves much more than Jack bargained for…and the people he cares about are going to pay the price…

The road to the final, fateful clash of Shadowman and Master Darque starts here on July 3rd when the Deadside’s darkest strike close to home, only in Shadowman #8!



The Good

Development- This issue Jack through flashback has a key bonding moment with Dox which enhances the overall tale and his importance in it. It was also cool to see that he is Alyssa’s father figure since he’s had her since she was a kid.

Villain- Shadowman #0 really has enhanced the appeal of Master Darque. This issue continues to paint him as a very formidable foe, terrifying in the scope of his power there is no debate at this point he is the big bad of the valiant universe in the re-launch.

Design- The things created by Master Darque look pretty scary

Unholy alliances- So Jack Boniface has allied himself with Baron Samedi god of the dead and Jaunty the trickster god. Both would stab him in the back at a moment’s notice…….let’s see how this pans out.

Black Heroes- Jack Boniface and Alyssa are here.

Art- Very distinctive and fitting though not the greatest on the stands.


The Bad

This book needs better and more consistent artwork if it wants to be taken seriously and a more likeable main character. The Villain is far more entertaining and the book seems to be stuck in filler-ville.


The Ugly

An average read 2.5/5

stars- 2.5


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