Kam (Character)

Publisher:  Adeolah

Created by: Roger Barnes

1st appearance: Extraordinary Grands #1 (2002)  

Team Affiliations: Grand Nubians

Legal Status: Still resides in Meroe, Nubia.

Height: 7’6              Weight: 500 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Brown

Relatives: Shu, his niece and also a member of the Grand Nubians, is Kam’s only living relative.

Powers: Kam has earth-based powers. He can shoot lava from his eyes and hands and cause it to harden as rock. Kam can also control the density of the rock making it much stronger than traditional rocks.



Kam was a citizen in ancient Nubia when Heru, Son of Ausar, bathed him in cosmic light and transformed into a Grand. Heru then placed Kam and three other Grand Nubians in suspended animation until the “time of Earth’s greatest need.”

The Grand Nubians were revived in the 21st century to halt the return of an ancient enemy.


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