Storm #2 Review

Storm returns to the alternate dimension where the morlocks took refuge only to discover that the man she once believed dead still holds that realm in thrall!


Storm makes her way up Hill and along the way realizes that this world is governed by Apocalypses creed of survival of the fittest. The atmosphere has acid rain and techno-organic greenery. Once she learns enough about the atmosphere she races toward the summit to meet the master of this land and passes Calisto along the way. On the summit she meets Mikail Rasputin brother to the X-men Magik and Colossus who proposes that “their children” need their mother and their father.

What I thought

Honestly re reading this issue made me realize how strange this world of the hill was. Warren Ellis created a very interested pocket dimension that no other X-writer has revisited, so sad when I can think of so many uses for this world.  Storm’s power is brilliantly illustrated this issue. Most people just think it’s control of the weather but her power is actually an empathic link with the weather patterns around her. Meaning in a world with different kinds of weather her powers are altered. Only twice has this been illustrated well, here and later when she traveled to the Oktid dimension.  This issue also gives a partial answer to the question of what happened to the Morlocks after life in the sewers.  The reappearance of Mikail is a surprise at the time since he’s such an obscure character. The question of why he would raise the next generation of Morlocks so strictly under Apocalypse credo is also a mystery. The cover isn’t the best but not the worst this series has to offer.  This issue was also a big advocate for the Storm/Cable pairing showing a parallel between the two you would never realize unless someone told you, I both loved and cringed at this revelation.

Overall a very enjoyable read with an interesting apocalyptic world, new mutants, crazy villains, ties to the past and Storm kicking ass! 3/5


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