X-force #14 Review

Messiah War Part 3


STRYFE STRIKES! Cable and X-Force’s greatest nemisis returns! The X-event of the decade continues in MESSIAH WAR, and things go from “bad” to “worst case scenario” as X-Force and Cable struggle to keep Hope alive. While Cyclops fights to keep X-Force’s involvement a secret in the present, Cable and Wolverine butt heads in the future over control of the child. Making matters worse, a member of X-Force abandons the team as an army of darkness descends upon them, leaving the team a man down with their backs to the wall. Past, present and future collide as the war for Mutantkind’s survival continues.


Sometime ago Bishop arrived in the future and was told of a sleeping god in a cave. Bishop discovers Apocalypse but decides not to kill him because he can use it to his advantage.

Now: X-force, Cable and Deadpool are attacked by Stryfe’s troops; Archangel hears a voice call out to him and abandons his team. They manage to win and head out toward the celestial city. Stryfe attacks and manages to separate Hope from the group. In a cave Archangel comes face to face with a dyeing Apocalypse.

The Good

Cover-The return of Stryfe and it’s oh so gorgeous!

Art-Clayton Crain’s art is easily one of the selling points of the series. Everything is so seamless it should be a sin to be this talented!

Action- Bullets, blood and blades are a winning combination in this issue. The fight with Stryfe was the best part. Well choreographed and executed.

Dangerous bedfellows- Bishop is playing a very dangerous game with Stryfe. He has delivered on his promise of helping Stryfe kill Apocalypse but has failed to mention anything of Hope the mutant messiah. Stryfe is aware Bishop is being less than forthcoming but is clearly amused by Bishop’s duplicity. 

Family- This time the brother dynamic of Cable and Stryfe, the parent dynamic of Cable and Hope and the connection between Warren and Apocalypse are the highlights of the book.

TensionBishop is so close to accomplishing his goals he and I can taste it but with so many new players on the field you just know everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

Countdown- The hours are winding down with X-force needing to fix everything in 22 hours of they all die from time travel complications. I’m on the edge of my seat for this one!

The Bad

Dark- Sure the art looked good but some parts were so dark you could not tell what was happening. Clarity is always good in an action heavy book like this one.

Defeat- I’m unconvinced that Bishop and Stryfe could “kill” Apocalypse even in a severely weaken state. I mean weakened Stryfe could not do the job in the 90’s and sure I like Bishop but don’t see him as being powerful enough to tip the scales in Stryfe’s favor.

The Ugly



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