Batwing #0 Review


Batwing has been chosen as one of Batman’s main allies…but is he worthy?

Guest-starring Batman!


Several Years ago in Africa David Zavimbe is a Teen haunted by the things he did as a boy soldier. Rene Diallo and Matu Ba are the only things preventing him from literally going over the edge. They realize he needs a way to channel his anger. Over time he joins the Police force but finds little solace in it as the Police Force is full of corruption. One night Rene is killed by a metahuman and Matu is severely injured, losing an eye in the process. This sets David on the path of becoming a vigilante. He brutally defeats Deathjack and leaves him tied up for the police. Over the next year he makes a name for himself taking down all manner of criminals and supervillains. David comes to the attention of Batman who recruits him for his Batman incorporated team and supplies his equipment and funding, BATWING is born!

The Good

Cover- Nice plain background with Batwing literally leaping into the foreground, the glowing bat emblem highlights his blue power suit well, making this a pretty cool cover.

Art- Marcus To’s art is very close to perfect this issue. Brian Reber’s colors are full of life this issue, giving the book a vibrant feel.

Origin- I’ve loved Batwing since his introduction in Batman incorporated and Judd Winick has certainly made an indelible mark on my mind that will not soon be forgotten. Batwing is motivated by a need to atone for his past transgressions. The death of his “mother figure” Rene Diallo proves to be the catalyst that causes him to take up vigilantism. In many ways especially the anger in his youth he’s very reminiscent of Jason Todd. We also learn why Matu Ba and David have such a close bond.

We also have confirmation that David Zavimbe has a genius level intellect.

African Superheroes- This issue showcased a number of unnamed but very diverse back superheroes from all across Africa. I can’t stress enough how much Africa has come alive under Judd Winick’s pen.

The Bad

Good Bye- This is Judd Winick’s last issue so only god can tell what the next writer will bring to the table and the story threads he or she, may or may not pick up.

The Suit- I expect some to be pissed that David did not create the suite he pilots, instead it was made by Batman. I personally have no problem with this but I’m sure some will.

The Ugly

Overall this was a nice addition to the Batwing mythology and combined with the earlier issues of the series paints a very good picture of who David Zavimbe is. Where he came from, his motivations and how he became the Batman if Africa! 4/5

stars- 4


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