Spider-Men #3 Review

As the blockbuster creative team of best-selling writer Brian Bendis and red hot artist Sara Pichelli bring you the next chapter in the ultimate Spider-Man event of the year! Now that Peter Parker and Miles Morales have met, can they both work together to defeat their foes – or will they require the help of Nick Fury and his Ultimates?


Miles and Peter face off with Mysterios forces. They manage to defeat them before the avatar explodes. Miles awakens with the Ultimates around him. Peter has fled the scene to determine if everything is an elaborate illusion of if it is in fact real. He thwarts a would-be robber before leaning of the death of this world’s Peter Parker in detail. Totally emotional he visits Aunt May and see’s a young Gwen Stacey.

The Good

Art– Sarah Pichelli continues to stun!

Emotional- When our Peter finds out his counterpart died in a blaze of glory while still in high school and just how much of an impact he had on this world he is left an emotional wreck, this is only worsened when he sees the younger Aunt May and Gwen Stacy. F*** me and call me sandy! That scene as Peter lays eyes on Gwen moved every fiber of my being. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Mary Jane but I see Gwen Stacey as Peter’s soul mate, his one true love. It’s one of the reasons I was so moved when HOM gave Peter Gwen and their son only to have it ripped away, this scene is just as potent. Our Peter Parker will find himself empty all over again if he remembers this world. He’s older yes but he’s never impacted the world on this scale, he’s never made the “difference” that this teenaged version of him has. All I can think of was a deal with the devil to save Aunt May by literally destroying his life/marriage. By comparison that’s very shallow of you Peter!

Action– The battle was glorious with Mysterio proving to be a capable threat to both our heroes.

Spider Men- Loving the dynamic between the two, Miles is more direct but has less experience while Peter with all his experience spends far too much time popping quips instead of tackling things head on. The “Child like” Naiveté of Miles this issue was annoying but very true to his age. Bendis I’m very satisfied with the series thus far.

The Bad

Cover- By far the most chaotic cover we’ve had for the series yet. It’s not ugly but by caparison to the others it really doesn’t hold up.

The Ugly

This is the stuff good comics are made off 5/5


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