Red Lanterns #11 Review

There’s going to be hell to pay as ATROCITUS continues his lone search for ABYSMUS and more poisoned members of his corps die!
 With the entire corps poisoned, only a handful of RED LANTERNS are left alive!

The Good

Cover- It’s my girl Fatality vs Bleeze with dynamic pink being the major highlight.

Bleeze and Fatality- While trapped in the crystal sphere their personalities shift as Bleeze calms to love and Fatality starts to exhibit anger and rage.

End of the Red Lanterns- That ravaged planet was gorgeous in its grotesque, ravaged and utterly desecrated in every possible way. That ladies and gents was perfect in its depiction.

Action- The battle between Bleeze and Fatality was not what I would have expected and Atroticus vs Abysmus is something to look forward to.

The Bad

Fatality– The art honestly makes Yrra look like a horse. The once stunning space faring warrior was hideous and that really was a roadblock to enjoying the tale

Cover- Fatality lacked her trademark and distinctive elf like ears.

The Ugly

I liked it despite the art and Fatality so rarely gets the spotlight so that was a sure fire plus for this issue! 3/5


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