Captain Marvel Giant Size Special #1 Review


After the events of Avengers #293 Monica Rambeau finds herself at home recuperating from the loss of her powers and restarting a “normal” life. Monica returns to life on the sea; this time as a Captain aboard the cargo ship, “Tea Cake”. The ship is attacked by the super villain “PowderKeg”, along with a group of mercenaries, in search of the special cargo. During the battle, Monica dons her Captain Marvel/Photon uniform, in hopes of scaring the mercenaries, which works, but gets her attacked by PowderKeg. During the fight Captain Marvel regains her powers, albeit in an altered form, and defeats the villain. After being checked out by Reed Richards, Captain Marvel confronts the Cargo ship owner and finds out the part belongs to Stark International, and has been taken away from him. Kristina Ramos, a ruthless crime lord from Brazil, wanted the part for herself in order to complete the suit of Guardsman armor she had acquired, and sent Moonstone (Karla Sofen) to retrieve it. Captain Marvel defeats Moonstone and Ramos, who dons the Guardsman armor, and disables the armor with the help of James Rhodes.


The Good

Art- Very detailed; facial expressions are very clear, and the colors compliment the story.

Origin- The events in Avengers 293 left Monica a shell of a woman. Her parents, especially her mother, worried very deeply for her, and the loss of her powers and subsequent return back home was exactly what her mother wanted. As the years go on, we find that Monica’s mother did more to undermine her career, and even went as far as hiding her Avengers card so she could not receive calls from them.

*note* the story was written by Dwayne McDuffie

Cover- At long last! They have done something with her hair! That fact alone makes the cover a hit!

Story Significance- Monica Rambeau is one of the few black female characters in the Marvel U; she has been lost in the new landscape, but at one point during the 80’s served as leader of the Avengers, this story returned her to some  prominence during the 90’s, before settling in with a new group. Plus, it was good to see Moonstone (who knew she would blow up the way she has!)


The Bad

No real complaints, the story’s villains could have been more mainstream, but served their purpose.


The Ugly

Nice story about how Captain Marvel regained her powers 3.5/5


Review submitted by Black Heroes member Marcus .H. Roberts


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