X-men Legacy #268 Review

AVX TIE-IN! Frenzy’s past is revealed as she ties up loose ends while the war between the Avengers and the X-Men rages on.


Frenzy is dropped in Africa by the stepford cookoos to help some humans. She objects but helps them nonetheless. Along the way a young girl causes thoughts of her past to come to the surface. At the end she makes a fateful decision not to erase the experience from the natives minds in hopes that it will make them better people.

The Good

Art-Adequate for fight scenes and there’s clearly a line drawn between important charters and background thanks to the use or lack thereof of details.

Origin- Cargill’s past (well some of it) gets told. It’s tragic in that she has an absent minded church going mother and a father who abuses her because she was a mistake. Her older brother received all the love and praise until he was killed while in the army. She accidentally kills her father while defending herself and flees from the scene. It’s interesting that she would literally become the modeled soldier in the years that followed under Magneto, literally becoming what she and her father wanted……

Cover- Pretty cool cover with Frenzy smashing through the red glass of the Phoenix Five, I still love the ½ shaved head on Frenzy (and Cassie). It’s great seeing Frenzy take center stage.

Twisted Mirror- The exchanges between Frenzy and the little girl really sold the issue. Frenzy saw herself in the girl but her body language clearly told the girl that they shared the history of being abused.  After Frenzy saves them and chooses to leave them with their memories intact she trusts that this girl won’t turn out like she did.

The Bad

Cliché- I found the revelation of  her past a bit too formulaic. The abused child who eventually overpowers/kills her abuser to escape said life, something more inspired or better execution would have really helped strengthen this issue.

The Ugly

Cool glimpse into the past of Frenzy in this filler issue 2.5/5


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