Green Lantern New Guardians #9 Review

ODYM, homeworld of the BLUE LANTERNS, is under attack by the alien conquerors known as THE REACH!

The combined power of the different Lantern Corps might not be enough to defeat The Reach!

To make matters worse, they may have been betrayed by one of their own!


On the Blue Lantern home planet of Odym, the space faring insectoid conquerors attack. Saint Walker and the veterans try their bet to hold them off. In Space Kyle Rayner contacts his team to aid Saint Walker on Odym. Fatality investigates a white hole in space for the zamarons who are piecing together that all of the “Corps catastrophes” of recent times may all be linked. Against the zamaron’s wishes she responds to Kyle’s distress call. Arkillo, Munk and Bleeze also respond.

The Good

Cover- What can be said about this series besides yet another lovely cover!

Invasion- Tony Bedward captures the fear and tension of a sudden invasion very well.

Black Superhero Fatality– While everyone has been fighting our former villain has been piecing together the mystery of how Invictus re-entered our universe and how the destruction of the many central power batteries. Home girl will become a central player in future stories, I like it!

Enemy- The Reach are fascinating, every since the inclusion of the new Blue Beetle, here we get to see the beasts in their element destroying and attempting to enslave Odym in all its glory. The parasitic drones are powerful enough to pose a serious threat to our gathered heroes in sheer numbers alone. Also of note are that even the enemies are victims.  Is killing them mercy or murder?

Team- The ties that bind this team are coming together. Kyle still transcends his limited Green Ring limitations by contacting every new guardian. Arkillo feels a connection to Saint Walker…now his only friend with Sinestro’s betrayal, Kyle can still tap into the whole range of the emotional spectrum; Munk is still a mystery so we’ll have to see where he stands as things unfold. Oh and why is Glomy? hmmmm

Saint Walker- This issue brings up an interesting fact. All other blue lanterns are “brother and Sister” but Walker is a “saint”. This suggests an unwavering and absolute belief in his power. In this he may be a perfect replacement for the absent Sayd and Ganthet…literally a bounty of hope in a bleak universe. His leadership skills are also noteworthy as he leads the blue lanterns with their limited resources minus a green ring. Walker just moved up a few spots on my favorite lanterns list!

Continuity- The Red Lantern poisoning is referenced as well as the crisis affecting the various corps. Kudos!

Art-Tyler Kirkham turns in great stylized art while Nei Ruffino’s dynamic and bold colors compliment everything beautifully.


The Bad

Art- Weird seeing art here while I had so much praise above right? Here’s the thing the few pages dealing with the Star Saphire’s are illustrated by Tomas Giorello stops the flow a bit because it’s so different than Tyler. Just a small nit pick.

Accessibility- This issue again illustrates the problem for this series. You need to know allot about the mythology of Green Lanternto understand much less enjoy this series.


The Ugly

My favorite lantern based book on the shelves 4/5


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