Green Lantern Corps #9 Review


John Stewart is remanded by the Alpha Lanterns about his killing of Kirrt and put on trial. When the corps learns of how Kirrt died some of them try to remove his statue from their chamber of honored dead. Guy Gardner breaks this up and confronts the Guardians who want him to keep the corps in line and allow things to play out.

At the trail John Explains why he had no choice and Guy Gardner speaks in his defense. The Alpha Lanterns confer for verdict and John is found guilty and sentenced to death.


The Good

Art- Courtesy of Fernando Pasarin things are detailed and on point. Add to this the dynamic and rich colors of Gabe Eltaeb and you have one of the better looking books on the stands this month.

Cover-John Stewart fleeing from and fight off pursuing Alpha Lanterns, it’s a very eye catching and good looking cover.

Ramifications- This is a trial guaranteed to split the Green Lantern Corps in two. John Stewart killed in defense of the Corps before (see WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS) and was hailed as a war hero. Here he’s done the same thing but this time tried and convicted of murder? WTF? His confession and reasoning of his actions already set the ranks on fire. His conviction no doubt and his “execution” is about to blow the top off this powder keg.

The Good Soldier- John Stewart has been the bearer of many crosses since he was given a green lantern ring decades ago.  Even here faced with the possibility of death he stands tall refusing to lament his choice when the greater good has prevailed. John is selfless and heroic to his core. Last issue he visited his fallen comrades’ parents and family he lied to ensure this guy would have an honorable death even at the cost of the consequences in this issue. John……John……John truly you are one of the greatest black superheroes ever committed to paper.

The Conspiracy thickens- These little blue bastards are up to no good (again) and there campaign against the earth based lanterns is gaining traction. Hal kicked out after killing Krona during war of the green lanterns, Kyle is declared a traitor after he rebuilt the corps and brought them back from the dead and now John Stewart whose tough decisions have saved their wretched hides far too often; on a side bar lets also note being a member of the corps has really f***ed up his life. They plan to replace the Green Lanterns with god knows what……..I seriously hope they get killed when this is over that would give me allot of pleasure, ungrateful blue shrimps! To top things off ever dutiful if usually dim witted Guy is duped by the guardians into allowing things to play out and they make plans to get rid of him as well. Good times!

The Bad

The Black Guy- I expect quite a few to complain that the “Black” guy is put on trail, jailed and then sentenced to death.


The Ugly

Honestly this is the stuff good black superhero tales are made of, great characterization, great art, great cover and an engaging story 4.5/5


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