X-men Legacy #266 Review


Flashback to a time when Rogue was a villain and facing off with the Avengers. In the present she talks with the other teachers about the time she wiped the floor with the Avengers in light of said team attacking the Utopia based X-men.  The teachers decided to not get involved to protect their students. As Rogue is teaching class Falcon, Moonknight and she hulk arrive to ensure that the X-men based at the school don’t get involved in the Avengers vs X-men war.

Their presence escalates matters and a fight almost erupts. They agree to back off to the walls of the school.

Frenzy later draws a line in the sand daring the Avengers to start a fight. Moon Knight does and a fight breaks out. She hulk accidentally injures two students and Rogue enters the fight. Falcon quickly calls for backup and Iron Man arrives.



The Good

Cover- Rogue vs She Hulk does look pretty cool.

Seriously? – The Falcon? no disrespect to him but how on this planet would him and Moon knight serve any purpose in stopping a school full of mutants from entering the AVX battle? We have Rogue, Rachel/Phoenix and Kid Omega for crying out loud and let’s not mention Kid gladiator alone could mop the floor with these gathered avengers.

Déjà vu- I don’t know about anyone else but the Avengers setting up shop outside the walls of the school doesn’t fill me with anything other than dread…….the last time the school had anyone stationed there the school was destroyed and said people tried to kill the inhabitants of the school (see Messiah Complex) quite a few students should have freaked out at the parallels.

Rogue- Again Rogue demonstrates far more level headed behavior than those who are supposed to be in charge. Kitty here is so not in control of the situation at all. If it was up to her the fight would have occurred immediately as the Avengers landed regardless of the example they as teachers should be setting and not thinking of the well being of the student body.

Frenzy– Have I told you lately how much I love Joanna Cargill? No? Well I should (clears throat) She’s easily the most awesome thing about this issue (along with Rogue that is) the brief exchange with Moon Knight was interesting showcasing her ties with not just the X-men line of books but the wider marvel universe. Kudos!


The Bad

Falcon, Moon Knight and She hulk are sent to keep a whole school of mutants in check……..no seriously that’s the plot! It’s as preposterous as it sounds!

Art- Not the most flattering even if it’s not the worst thing on the shelves this week.

Frenzy- Why is she normal sized nowadays? Wasn’t she a huge amazon of imposing size and stature back in the day? Every issue she gets smaller and smaller….apparently these are the adventures of the “incredible shrinking Frenzy” lol


The Ugly

The issue works by focusing on the reaction of the teachers to what’s taking place in the AVX crossover and Wolverine siding with the Avengers, sure some fisticuffs occur but they weren’t the main attraction. Characterization and story make this issue worth reading more so than the last two issues of this book.  3/5


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