Green Lantern: New Guardians #7 Review


Blue lantern faces off with Invictus, he uses his power to show Saint Walker his tragic past where his race is hunted to extinction by Orange Lantern Larfleez who robbed him of his wings and cast him into an alternate world. Here he remade his solar system and gathered his power to travel back to our world and destroy Larfleeze and replace his corrupted solar system with the one he made. The gathered Lanterns manage to convince him to stand down but he instead tasks Green Lantern Kyle Rayner with assassinating Larfleez.


The Good

Cover- Tyler Kirkham and Ruffino Seanmackiewicz have made a gorgeous cover with Invictus front and centre bathed in glowing colors of yellow while Fatality and company lie defeated on the ground and he chokes Kyle, very visually pleasing.

Team- Slowly but surely this band of Power Rangers……cough….I mean rainbow Lanterns is coming together as a unified team. Arkillo almost called saint walker friend and came to his aid when attacked. Bleeze the Red Lantern sought out the team even when she had no reason to and of course Kyle and Fatality with their history make this an interesting team with budding dynamics to rival a well written X-men, JLA or Avengers.

Art- Tyler Kirkham continues to dazzle with great art backed by dynamic colors.

Villain– Invictus is tragic and tortured, he has witnessed the death of his race and solar system thanks in small part to Larfleeze. But he may have gone a bit made, into his otherverse he recreated his entire solar system….he experimented on the natives to replace all the races he missed in our world. Now that he’s back his plan is to replace a universe…which will lead to genocide on a universal scale. Invictus may not realize it but he has become what he hated and fought against he has become a megalomaniac. A tragic, flawed and wholly accessible and relatable villain akin to the X-men’s Magneto, I am very satisfied!

Black superhero- The deadly lady Fatality guest stars.

The Bad

Inaccessible- Unfortunately if this was your first New Guardians issue you would have been lost upstream without a paddle. No recap page, no short biographies page to tell you who the many players in this space age soap opera are. DC really needs to think about that since they are looking to catch new readers.


The Ugly

A tragic villain a team coming together tied together with lovely art, a very solid 4/5


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