Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child #1 Review

Press Release

 DOMINIQUE LAVEAU: VOODOO CHILD is the story of a half-breed, outcast and heir to the Voodoo Queenship of New Orleans, if she can live long enough to claim her birthright. New Orleans is the most haunted city in America: a town of centuries-old ghosts and newly drowned spirits; where vampires, voodoo spirits and loups-garous make their home. Ruling over this all are the powerful Voodoo Queens, whose influence stretches into politics, business and crime as they maintain a delicate balance between the mortal and supernatural worlds.

But in the aftermath of Katrina, all that has changed, for someone or something has murdered the Voodoo Queen and most of her court. The number one suspect is Dominique Laveau, a grad student at Tulane who is about to discover that her entire life has been a lie. Now Dominique must forge alliances with those out to kill her while seeking to uncover the truth behind the royal murders, as she is ultimately forced to deal with a destiny she could never have imagined. Voodoo Child is a new monthly series written by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, former editor-in-chief of The Source magazine, award-winning author, journalist and TV producer, with art by Milestone Media co-founder Denys Cowan (THE QUESTION) and covers by Rafael Grampá.


The Good

Cover- Both covers covers look good.

Premise- The New Orleans setting may be cliche for a voodoo setting but the history the book is clearly trying to connect with suggests this could make for an interesting read.

Art-Denis Cowan of Milestone fame is back in top form, fans of his style will be pleased.


The Bad

Pacing- It’s off, I’ve read the book three times hoping each time it would flow better but instead I can’t help but wonder why the chase scene was used to open the book when the Loa summoning would have set a better opening tone and started the book off on the note of “the court of the queen is shattered” etc then moved to the woman fleeing. As it is things felt chaotic and disjointed which really didn’t help sell the tale to me.

Lack of emotion– A long time problem Ive had with Cowan’s art is there hollow nature. They look good but the faces lack life and emotion. Some scenes could have sold the tale if drawn by someone else. Sara Pichelli or Adam Kubert spring to mind but the hollow, undead, lifelessness of the characters detracts from this book big time.


The Ugly

Hollow, lifeless tale that doesn’t reveal enough in its first issue to warrant a second issue purchase. Pick it up if you like Cowan’s art but keep your expectations low or wait for the TPB (Trade Paper Back) 2.5/5



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