Danger Club #1 Review


All the adult heroes have left earth and failed to return leaving the teen and child sidekicks the only protectors of earth. Kid Vigilante has gathered the resistance along with Magician. They are opposing Apollo  the self styled new “god” of earth who’s recruiting the most powerful superhumans into a personal army. Powered by the sun Kid Vigilante finds his “kryptonite” on the moon thanks to Yoshimi, a bare knuckle made of “moon metal”.  Vigilante beats Apollo into a bloody paste before fire bombing the stadium in which they gathered apparently killing Apollo while warning that whatever threat killed the heroes is still on a crash course with earth.

The Good

Art- The opening page had a great throwback feel while the rest of the book drawn by Eric Jones is stylized with dynamic colors that add to the intensity of every scene.

Story- Literally a world in which children now rule, action, sex and wanton violence to follow I’m sure. The mystery of what defeated the heroes and it’s imminent arrival on earth is intriguing to say the least! I’ll certainly stick around to see where things are headed!

Characters- The personalities that stood out where Apollo who seemed an amalgam of both superboy and the mythology of the Greeks which would tie in with wonder woman/girl. Kid Vigilante in both costume and mind. Attitude a bit rough as well as the execution, though reminiscent of Damien Wayne or Jason Todd. And then of course we have the Magician reminiscent of zatana/zatara. The most interesting addition is Yoshimi, small like the wasp but in control of a giant robot/armor. She reminds me of Wasp and Iron Man from Avengers. Everyone else fell flat for me, fodder as I like to call them.

Action- Blood, explosions, blood and did I mention blood? Yeah there’s allot of blood and some cool action scene to boot, this is sure to keep action junkies happy.

The Bad

Violence- Way way over the top, think mortal combat meets teen titans. This is not the series you should be reading with your kids. I also found some of the violence, just violence for the hell of it instead of adding to the narrative or enhancing the story, sometimes less is more guys.

The Ugly

An action packed if over the top opening issue though over the top is the style in which the creators have made this book, similar to kick ass. Add to this great art and colors and this book is a solid 3.5/5


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