Uncanny X-men #9 Review


On Utopia Emma trains while Namor admires. Colossus confronts Cyclops about his sister still being held prisoner. High above earth on the sword base engine failure leads to many prisoners being dumped on earth. The extinction team and the Avengers join together to deal with the threat. One prisoner, a space based Jack the Ripper tricks Hope Summers the mutant messiah into a trap where he plans to eviscerate her.

The Good

Triangle- The Emma Frost, Cyclops, Namor three way has been building for quite awhile now ad it manages to hit a whole other note than the Wolverine, Jean Scott three way of yesteryear. Emma Literally has the pick of the litter when it comes to powerful mutant leaders. But any development between Emma and Namor and that being made public will again probably split the Utopia based X-men in two and leave Scott seriously demoralized. Fun times ahead!

Art- Carlos Pacheco’s new minimalist style is a downgrade from his older work but for the most part everything looks good.

Characterization- Namor is still a walking libido, Emma Frost the hot girlfriend, Cyclops the stoic leader etc. Everyone is in their respective spots and used properly.

Teamwork- I love seeing the extinction team in action, clockwork like an army, at Cyclops whim. Love it!

The Bad

Cover- Weak, minimalist approach going on, not feeling it!

The Ugly

The Avengers and the X-men side by side before AVX? I like it! 3/5


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