Black Spider (Character)

Black Spider

Real Name: Eric Needham

Publisher: DC comics

Created by: Gerry Conway and Ernie Chan.

1st appearance: Detective Comics #463 (September 1976)

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: Suicide Squad

Legal Status: US citizen with a criminal record

Height:  5’11             Weight: 179 lbs

Eyes:  Brown            Hair: Black

Relatives: Linda Morrel (Wife), Michael (Son), Father (deceased)

Skills and abilities: Ninja based martial arts and infiltration skills, also trained in armed combat with a variety of weapons.

Powers: Appears to be stronger than a typical human. He also uses a variety of tech to further enhance his skills. Infra red goggles and a costume lined with Kevlar.


Eric Needham started a life of crime from a young age. As a teen he became addicted to drugs and was jailed after a mugging gone wrong. After being released he got married and had a son. His addictions however lead him to rob a liquor store where he accidentally killed his father. Jailed once more he kicked the habit out of remorse. Upon his release he became a masked vigilante and decided to clean up the streets inspired by Batman. Unlike most masked heroes however he killed all the criminals who were unlucky enough to cross his path. Confronted by Batman he couldn’t understand why they were at odds when they were both trying to protect the innocent. He was almost killed when a bomb went off prematurely.

He recovered and later discovered that his financial backer was in fact a drug lord who was using him to kill the competition. He later allied with villains to try and kill batman but was unsuccessful. When his wife and son were killed by a drug lord he went on a suicide run in which he was shot multiple times. His dying body was brought before his foe when he revealed he had rigged with Plastique explosives. He died and took his foes with him.

He returned to life later when Lucifer abdicated his throne and many souls escaped hell.

Post Flashpoint

He is a member of the suicide squad and good friends with teammate Diablo. Before joining the Squad he operated as a vigilante in Gotham city. On a recent mission his arm was broken and he was shot in the chest. Thanks to Harley and Diablo he made it only for the prison to go into full riot. His fate after this has not been confirmed as he passed out while defending himself from the rioters.


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