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Wolverine and his team rush to the blackbird since they just convinced Exodus that Cyclops is the problem which caused the mutant race to split in two. While the others rush to intercept Rogue goes against Wolverine’s wishes and sends a distress signal to warn Utopia of the incoming problem. Rogue then teleports to the ship and borrows Cannonball’s powers. They still can’t defeat exodus thanks in part to the infighting of Rogue and Wolverine. As Exodus starts to take over their minds help arrives from Utopia……….Generation Hope!

The Good

Wolverine vs Rogue – This issue brings up tensions between Wolverine and Rogue in a big way. He doesn’t want help from Utopia at all. She can see the bigger picture, if they can’t stop Exodus reaching Utopia then the mutant teens who remain there could be killed in the crossfire’s of Exodus vs Cyclops. She also makes note that unlike Wolverine who woke up one day and decided he wanted to be a teacher she has been doing this ever since mutants became an endangered species. Also guys note she came to the school not because she agreed with Wolverine but because this was where she thought her skills, teaching skills honed under Cyclops leadership would have been put to better use. Rogue is all about the children.

Wolverine meanwhile is full of anger toward Cyclops which blinds him to what’s important. He even goes so far as to say Rogue contacted Utopia in hopes of seeing Magneto “her boyfriend”. Low blow Wolvie! The last pages point out a flaw in Rogue’s plan that she could not predict but points out the difference between Wolverine’s children and Cyclops’s.

Right or wrong?– On the last page Hope and the teens of Utopia show up to battle Exodus. This will likely piss off Wolverine and Rogue who think children should be protected. Thing is these children just saved them from becoming Exodus’s mindless foot soldiers who would have helped him kill Cyclops. Conversely if he had taken them over at the Jean Grey school they would have been f***ed  since their students are forbidden to engage in battle and more often than not get herded and lead around like cattle. If something happens to the teachers at his school can the students defend themselves?

Art-David Baldeon’s art is stronger than last issue which looks pretty good.

Action- From start to finish Wolverine and his X-men were caught in a fight of epic proportions with one of the most powerful mutants on earth, Exodus. The ebb and flow of the fight was a spectacle which will be used on message boards for years to come as an incredible feat by Exodus.

Characterization- It had to happen that Rogue who has grown to such strength of character after years under both Cyclops and Storm would have a clash of ideals with Wolverine. On a side note she defeated him once when she led the X-men and he challenged her leadership (Just a bit of continuity for those who don’t know). I expect her to do the same if he steps out of line. Frenzy continues to be a shining example of what can be done with a reformed villain; she has such history with Exodus that their exchanges are as poetic and vivid as Wolverine and Rogue.

The Bad

If you hate Wolverine, Rogue or Exodus stay away this book is heavily focused on all three right now.

Not everyone will like the art either.

The Ugly

Clash of ideals and come next issue children n danger, Wolverine and Rogue’s friendship and working relationship are about to be put through the ringer!  4/5


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  • March 1, 2012 at 3:24 am

    Great review!!! I have been out of the Marvel loop for several years and this review has caught me up slightly. Maybe it’s time for me to come back to the world of comics. Either way I’ll be here to read anything and everything I can. Nuff said…Jive Turkey!!

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