X-Men #25 Review


Storm and her team (Psylocke, Colossus, Warpath and Domino) are still on the hunt for missing teammate Jubilee. In Siberia they find a Vampire nest and cut a swath through their ranks. For the past three weeks they have been doing this across three continents killing every vampire in their wake, still no sign of her. Luckily just as they are about to leave they find out she’s in China. They arrive at the destination and meet the “Forgiven”. They briefly have a skirmish before Jubilee stops them. Unfortunately their location has been compromised as the leader of the forsaken is a wanted man and an open contract has just been given for his retrieval. Deadpool, lady Bullseye, Scorpion and a host of others are closing in fast and their no escape!


The Good

Characterization- Storm is regal and commanding but Victor Gischler also incorporates her others skills such as stealth from her time as a thief and her rarely touched on superb hand to hand combat skills. Watching Storm kick that vampire’s ass warmed my heart and reminded me of when she defeated Callisto. Colossus is now the unstable angry guy and continues to do so. Domino is the seasoned soldier and tracker while Psylocke is the telepathic Ninja we know and love. Kudos for fitting in all this in the story without sacrificing anything!

Art- Fights scenes flowed seamlessly and characters certainly look distinct. Guru EFX’s colors are dynamic and stunning, adding even more depth to this great looking book.

Fight- The X-men vs The Forgiven was very entertaining. Everyone had a dance partner which almost equally matched them in skill. Fights like this are always good to watch!

Cover- Storm like a guardian Angel descending on Jubilee with a stake ready to grant the young vampire sweet release. I love it; Jorge Molina turns in some good work!


The Bad

Cliché- it’s been done to death the good guys face off with each other before teaming up to take down their foes. The writers and I aren’t even as old as that Cliché.

Art- While I did enjoy the art it had bouts of inconsistency, some panels were good while others were clearly rushed.

Warpath- Why is he on this team? The writer will need to flesh out his character because everyone has a discernible voice and purpose, he’s just background. No purpose in having him here and not use him.


The Ugly

Great art, great characterization, great action! 4/5


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