New Avengers annual #1 Review


Jessica Jones returns from a day of absolute hell; she has the baby bag, the stroller, the baby and just had to go across town, by herself and climb over

Yelana Bellova the Russian black widow who was severely injured by the New Avenger’s becomes the new super adaptoid to attack the team just as they are trying to get full sanctioning by the mayor. They manage to defeat her but her sponsors disintegrate her on a molecular level.

Sometime later the Avengers gather as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones wed.


The Good

Cover- A lovely image of Luke Cage on one knee as Jessica Jones

Wedding- I enjoyed the wedding and especially when Jessica decided to do her vows in her own words after doing the standard. Little touches like this are central to her characterization and the “why” she is actually getting married in light of how her relationship started with Luke.

Art- Not the most detailed but it manages to capture key moments pretty well.

Humor- What really sold the issue for me was the intensity of the humor from start to finish. The original “New Avengers” series still stands the test of time and proves that a sharply written book will be immortalized as timeless.

Easter egg– How cool was it that Stan Lee was the officiator of the wedding? I’ll tell ya! Pretty darn cool!

Action– More than half the comic was dedicated to the forwarding the plot of the main New Avengers book and wrapping up what happened to the evil Black Widow. The fight was tight and choreographed well.

Characterization- From Spider-man and Tony figuring out to end the threat, to Captain America’s sense of duty, Sentry’s off kilter stoicism and instability etc this issue was full of greatly characterization.


The Bad

Art- No the strongest thing in the book, the minimalist approach may put some off.

The Ugly

A solid story which also happens to incorporate the wedding of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones 3.5/5


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