Prince Acroyer (Character)

Prince Acroyer

Created by:  Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden

1st appearance: Micronauts #1, 1979

Nationality: Alien

Team Affiliations: Micronauts

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’5              Weight: Unknown

Eyes:  Brown            Hair: none

Relatives: Unnamed parents, unnamed son, shaitan (brother)

Skills and abilities: Trained in an unnamed alien martial arts form from birth

Powers:From the highly resilient Acroyer race he is stronger and far more durable than even a peak human. His armor provides further enhancement making him bulletproof and providing flight capabilities.


Acroyear was crown prince of the ebony-skinned race whose name he bore. For a time, Acroyear’s people served Karza under the mind control of Shaitan, Acroyear’s traitorous, albino brother. To help defeat Baron Karza, Acroyear sacrificed the Worldmind of his home planet Spartak, thus rendering it incapable of supporting life. For this, he was branded a traitor and cast out by his people while his bonded mate Cilicia ruled as regent. Acroyear vowed to redeem himself and traveled with the Micronauts, most of whom are also outcasts. Stoic in battle yet hospitable to his comrades, Acroyear did not believe it weakness for a warrior to express his feelings to those he loved. He confided in the Micronauts and his complex warrior philosophy often served as spiritual nourishment to his fellow Micronauts. Acroyear hoped to make his people understand that a warrior need not become as cold as the steel they wield in battle. But Acroyear fought alone as the Acroyear race chose neutrality in the war against Karza.


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