Uncanny X-men #6 Review


Psylocke and Magneto are attacked by the “old god” she contacts the rest of the team but everyone except Storm is currently occupied. Cyclops wakes up in a strange place as one of the natives tries to learn English so he can communicate with him. Namor and Hope go to investigate an undersea city while Colossus tries to locate Magik.

Cyclops and his abductor who now speaks sufficient English to tell them what happened and how this “old god” will cause the destruction of the world.

The Good

Art– No noticeable repetitions and psylocke and Storm are so hot in every single panel I dare you to complain!

Storm– Front and center and beautiful and powerful to boot! More of this please!

Chemistry- I’m really enjoying how Kieron Gillen uses the established continuity to play the member off each other. Colossus is still the over protective brother despite him and his sisters less savory powers and current existence. Namor is the big egotistical stud we all know and love while Hope the messiah of the mutant race can’t stop drooling all over him. Namor of course is basking in every moment of the attention. Storm is the second in command and quickly fills the void left by Cyclops absence while Psylocke and Magneto are the serious and stoic warriors you would expect when faced with battle.

Story- While the big reveal was a bit formulaic it still does prove to be a big enough global threat to warrant this super powerful team being present. The origin of the immortal man was a cool mix of Sci-fi and established X–men mythology.

Villain- Always like a villain who’s not just pure evil but you can empathize with. The Immortal man has the right intentions but his execution puts hm in direct conflict with our heroes. You know what they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

The Bad

Cover-Weird facial expressions aside I’m just not feeling the cover.

Facial expressions– Tsk Tsk Tsk..Greg Land why does Psylocke on the cover look like she’s in the thralls of pleasure as opposed to knocked unconscious? Bad form old chum!

Psylocke’s Ass– The page in which Psylocke’s ass is shown on panel is just plain weird……why is she shaped like someone suffering from malnutrition? Not sexy!

The Ugly

Not as exciting as I would have wanted but good enough 3/5


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