Brightest day #19 Review


Deadman is very upset with the white lantern entity of Life since it just vaporized Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The entity explains how important aquaman, martian manhunter, Ronald Raymond and the hawks have bee given life to overcome death thus to essentially save the world. The others are just there to give the planet more time to be saved ect ect (yawn)

Aquaman and Lad are swimming underwater at break neck speeds. The plan is to use aqualad who can open and close the Bermuda triangle where the reengage Atlanteans are imprisoned. Jackson also tries to get Curry to open up about forgiving Mera since they have real love which is more than what he had with his girlfriend.  If they can’t stop them then the surface world and underwater will go to war. They get blown out of the water and siren and her soldiers attack the surface. Jackson and Curry hold a line in the sand and hope for the best. Jackson gets injured by Siren as she chides Curry with her sister’s death. Just as curry get the upper hand, Black manta slices the hand clean off and prepares to kill him.

The Good

Great cover art showcasing a brilliantly devilish Black Manta.

Art as usual remains consistently good.

The Aquawar finally begins in this issue.

I liked the dialogue between our Aqua duo.

This issue also had a good amount of action and a sneak peak of power in Jackson such as lightning which is unique to only him. It’s also suggested that his connection to the Bermuda triangle may not be the only abilities he has.

Black Manta got some killer lines and introduction moving him into badass territory for the masses.

The Bad

The cutting off of Aquman’s hand was supposed to be dramatic but the entire exchange, his reaction to losing the hand and even the quip by black manta just made me Laugh my ass off.

I’m sorry but I could not take the scene serious considering he got the hand chomped off by a shark….got a hook hand (which was so very cool I might add)….lost the hand….got a magic water hand (yup as lame as it sounds)…..lost that and was underwater doing nothing…died and came back with both hands…and now lost the hand again? Hilarious stuff! (please note he may have lost his hand even more, but this is all the recollection I have from the top of my head) At this point his hand is like the x-men’s Phoenix just a bad punch line.

The rest of the brightest day stuff has dragged on too long and is just boring at this point.

The Ugly

2.5/5 surprisingly average


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