Madhouse’s X-Men Anime!!

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In case you guys missed it the X-men anime will soon be here (Scream)  And the best part about all this? The anime is heavily influenced by my absolute favorite X-men tales of the past ten years Grant Morisson’s New X-men and Joss Whedon’s Astonishing x-men 🙂

The script will be penned by Warren Ellis who currently writes Astonishing x-men. Since we know the time span the series will occupy in continuity the cast will include

  • Cyclops
  • Wolverine
  • Professor X
  • Storm
  • Emma Frost
  • Yui Sasaki
  • Jean Grey
  • Hisako Ichiki
  • Beast

As you guys can no doubt guess I’m very excited about this release especially with Storm looking sexy as all hell!! 🙂 You can get excited too with this trailer!



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