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Jezebel Jet

Jezebel Jet

Publisher: D.C comics

Created by:  Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert

1st appearance: Batman #656 (October, 2006)

Nationality: Africam

Team Affiliations: Black Glove

Legal Status: No criminal record

Height: 5’10           Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Red

Relatives: unnamed father (deceased), unnamed mother (fate unknown)

Skills and abilities: Skilled manipulator

Powers: None


Orphaned as a child she rose prominence as a supermodel who eventually took over a small African country. She first met Bruce Wayne at a fundraiser and declined to give him her phone number. They later ran into each other again at a ski-resort and started a tabloid whirlwind of a romance which lasted months. She noted his many disappearances throughout their relationship and confronted him about it after he disappeared for one week captured and tortured by Michael Lane the one of the Bat men created by Dr. Hurt. She and Bruce are then captured by a member of the ten eyed Brothers who Bruce dispatches. This leads her to the revelation that he’s Batman when combined with his disappearances, mysterious injuries and traumatic past. This strengthens their relationship and when crime in Gotham declines their love continues to grow. Bruce begins to trust her so much that he even takes her on a tour through the Batcave while still in costume. Here again she was captured by the mysterious “Black Glove group” which drove Bruce Wayne to the brink of insanity. Bruce fought his way through the group to rescue her and as defeating Joker she finally revealed that she was a member of the “Black Glove” who had finally broken and fractured his mind. When he recovered she managed to escape via a private jet back to her African nation. Talia Al Ghul had been monitoring her relationship with Bruce the whole time and sent her assassins empowered with Man-Bat serum to kill her. Batman later finds her disembodied head while facing Leviathan.


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